​The Cookstove Project is a 501(c)3 US non-profit organization.

​The project aims to eliminate the preventable deaths in developing and newly industrialized countries that are caused by cooking with a three stone open fire.  

Nearly 3 billion people prepare food for their families using an open fire in their home.  This inefficient cooking method exposes users to dangerous pollutants and impacts livelihoods due to the high cost of fuel.  


The Cookstove Project built its first cookstove in the village of Nabiswere, Uganda in May of 2013. The first cookstove is still going strong and the owner of that stove has become a trained cookstove master helping others in his community. 

The project extended into Nepal in 2014. 

​In total we have built over 12,000 stoves impacting over 60,000 people. 


The project helps women and their families gain access to efficient, clean cookstoves through solutions that are unique to each country.

We promote the use of clean cookstoves that provide health benefits, cleanliness, aesthetics, and affordability.

Our emphasis is on personal and community ownership, which ensures that these clean cookstoves will continue to be used for years to come.