After listening to presentations on the Cookstove Project story, both faith communities decided to support CSP. Each group now has a poster to track the number of stoves that they have sponsored, a shoebox model of a stove for the classroom, and newsletters to bring home.  

There are now three posters side-by-side in the hallway of the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco, one for each of the faith communities that share the building, and each week the children glue up their stickers:  $10 = one stove = one sticker.   As of the middle of November, the Islamic School had 80 stickers, Mount Zion had 75 stickers and PCMK was preparing its holiday card campaign. Last year they sold each card for $10, the cost of a cookstove, and this year they are hoping to double their results!

Three Faith Communities Support The Cookstove Project - Dec 2016

In one church building in the town of Mount Kisco, New York, three different faith communities share the facility; the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco’s (PCMK) Sunday School, The Islamic School of Upper Westchester, and Mount Zion’s Apostolic Church. In a wonderful example of faith communities serving the common good, all three are supporting the Cookstove Project!  

Last year, PCMK’s Sunday School children collected money to fund 200 cookstoves – enough to support two villages!    During the Annual Women’s Tea at PCMK in early 2016, women from the Islamic School noticed the Cookstove poster with the growing number of stickers for stoves and expressed an interest in learning about the Project. Pastor Castillo of Mount Zion also became interested in learning more about the stoves and their impact.