Each month, I look forward to reading the feedback from the women and their families who are using their clean cookstoves and hearing about the widespread impact this is having in their everyday lives. Long term health benefits might not be seen until the future, but right away the toxic smoke is gone from their kitchens, no longer endangering the health of their loved ones and providing a clean place for the family to gather for meals. 

The Cookstove Project President's report - Jan 2017

In Nepal, this past year has involved various adjustments and relocations due to last year’s earthquake and breakdowns that resulted.  We are working in new areas and clean cookstoves have been constructed in the municipalities of Leknath, Dakshinkali, and Nagarjun. We now employ two cookstove masters and recently appointed a full time social mobilizer to further our work in the villages.

That position involves coordinating with local government officials, organizing meetings with local leaders, groups and community members, explaining the need for the change to clean cookstoves and monitoring the proper use and maintenance of the cookstove after construction. The Nepalese people have been through tremendous upheaval but their spirit is strong and they understand the need to solve these health and environmental issues to create better lives for their families.

As 2016 comes to an end, we are delighted to report that, thanks to your continued funding, we have now constructed more 6000 clean cookstoves, over 4600 in Uganda and more than 1,400 in Nepal, impacting the lives of over 30,000 people. 

The latest reports from both countries tell a story of steady growth.  In Uganda, we now have 19 employees working hard, village by village, to reach out to as many families as possible to explain the need to change from the traditional way of cooking over open fires to using the clean cookstoves. Through education and training, women and their families come together to build stoves in their own homes and assist their neighbors as well.  

THANK YOU for working with all of us at The Cookstove Project to take on this global health issue. We want to eliminate the preventable deaths and diseases and environmental impact caused by cooking indoors over open fires. The women and the families that we have come in contact with in these villages across the world are similar to us when it comes to loving our families and wanting to provide the best that they can for their children.  The women I met while visiting Uganda and Nepal expressed tremendous gratitude and appreciation for their clean cookstoves. They see the substantial impact in their daily lives very clearly.

Our deepest desire for 2017 is to keep growing and reaching many more families – so please act today and send whatever donation you can afford. Each $10 gift means one clean cookstove for a family. A $1000 gift can transform an entire village providing cookstoves for every home. I can assure you that, since all of our U.S.-based staff members are volunteers, at least 95% of your donation will directly impact the lives of families in Uganda and Nepal.

​Rebecca Sommer