Testimonies from the Villages - November 2016

My name is Deuti KC. Since I started cooking in the clean cookstove, my daily household chores such as cooking and cleaning the kitchen have been easier. Whenever I cooked in the traditional stove, my whole kitchen and I would get so dirty due to the soot and ashes. Now my kitchen and I are still clean even after I finish cooking. Aside from that, I don’t experience redness and stinging in my eyes anymore. My whole family is thankful to your organization for providing us the cookstove.

My name is Margrate. I have used this improved cookstove for the last six months and am very happy with using it. First of all this stove uses less firewood and cooks faster than my old three stones. Imagine how my grandson and I enjoy the cooking environment because it is free of smoke. Before this cookstove was installed in my house I could not have my grandson on my back and cook because the bad smoke would make his eyes fill with tears and he would cough. Now I can also boil water for drinking at the same time I cook. 

My name is Joyce, I am 5 years old. I live with my mother and my father and with my sisters and brothers in a village called Walusi in Uganda. I am happy for the cookstove in our home because my mother no longer sends us children to go for firewood after school. I can cook when my mother is in the garden and she comes later to check on the food. I am able to push in firewood without fearing to be burned. The cookstove is very good for cooking food for us.