And Nakayiza Getrude sees a whole range of benefits:  “This cookstove uses much less firewood, cooks faster and can cook two meals at the same time without waiting for one to be ready and put on the other! Eh what a good opportunity for women in my village!” There was a time when our staff members needed to explain the benefits of the cookstoves, but that time is long past! Those women who already have cookstoves love to tell others about all of the advantages and they are keen for everyone to have them. 

Namagembe Florence loves the fact that her cookstove requires much less wood. “The new cookstove is very good for me and my family because it saves a lot of time which I used to spend looking for wood. The bundle of firewood that used to cook food for three days before the cookstove, now lasts for six days. Also, there is no smoke in my kitchen like in the past when I was still using the old method of cooking.”

Update from Uganda - November 2015

​I’d like you to meet Ujja Farida, a 33 year old mother of two small children. She and her husband live in the village of Kikuta in the Mukono district of Uganda.  She only recently received her new cookstove and has already heard from friends and neighbors about all the benefits that her family will get from this new way of cooking.

 Namukasa Joyce has owned her cookstove for a year, and tells about the reduced risk to her children: “The cookstove is safe because my children come close to it and have no fire accidents unlike before when my kids used to get burnt by the open fire".