One of the first organizations was the Briarcliff Rotary Club who pledged their support of $1000 to build stoves for an entire village. This year they are well on their way to doubling that effort and taking care of two villages.

Another supporter of the village-by-village idea was the Presbyterian Church of Mt Kisco. Last year, the Sunday school program had the goal of raising enough money for a village in the Mukuno District in Uganda and they ended up with enough funds for two villages.  In addition to these examples, we are grateful for several other individuals and organizations that also felt compelled to take on a village.

An exciting initiative for the new year is our “Village by Village” campaign in which organizations and individuals provide cookstoves for an entire village by donating $1000. 

 This idea of working village by village rather than house by house stems partly from the urgency of the situation and the demand from families who see the benefits of the cookstoves.  However, the idea also came from some of our generous supporters who stepped up to take on a significant partnership role in our work.

Our goal is to expand into 50 new villages in 2017. The average size of a village in the rural districts in Uganda is approximately one hundred homes.  We urgently need to offer an alternative to the traditional three stone fires which have caused many unnecessary health issues and claimed too many lives.

The Cookstove Project is looking forward to working together with all our partners and supporters to reach this goal of 50 villages in the new year!

Rotary Club Supports clean cookstoves in Kisoga Village Uganda - Sept 2016